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Congratulations to our September winners, who each won a bottle of our Pure Hydrating Organic Argan Face Serum
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October brings us many things: crunchy leaves, chunky sweaters, pumpkin spiced everything, and now the new Organic Fair Trade Shea Butter from Nourish Organic. Released October 1 for National Fair Trade Month, this hydrating Shea Butter is clinically proven to improve skin elasticity. This rich butter absorbs quickly, heals irritated skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines, scars and stretch marks.

Now Fair Trade Certified, our Shea Butter is sourced from ethically Ghana-grown Shea nuts. Fair Trade improves lives, protects the environment and makes for the best quality products. 



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Kelly said:

i love nourish organic’s products! i can’t wait to try this.

Kathy McCrae

Kathy McCrae said:

With Fair Trade I know the workers are safe, of age, and paid decent wages. I know my money spent goes towards improving families in area’s of high poverty with many of the profits going directly in that community via sufficient food, education, and healthcare. Organic products help reduce any risk to my health via yucky cheap chemicals.


Niki said:

I love that this can be used on face too.

Elaine Alfaro

Elaine Alfaro said:

I’ve only tried the deodorant so far which I really like. I’d love to try more Nourish products.


Lori said:

Just got product today and can’t wait to try!


Althea said:

Using organic and fair trade products promote healthy skin and overall health!

melissa mc

melissa mc said:

for peace of mind, safety, and reassurance,I use organic/fair trade products - ty for the chance :)


cain said:

Would love to try this brand!


Briana said:

I’ve been using your facial cleanser and lotions. I’ve always wanted to try the shea butter.

Jan Huckabee

Jan Huckabee said:

Looking forward to not only trying these products….but am also considering retailing!


Hattie said:

I haven’t tried the shea butter, but I’ve tried the lavender body butter, and it’s amazing. It’s more salve than butter, which is wonderful! Love it!


Tom said:

Great stuff!

Ashley Cabell

Ashley Cabell said:

I love organic products because I want to put things that are safe and healthy in or on my body!

Jennifer Herman

Jennifer Herman said:

Because it is gentle on my skin!

John Herman

John Herman said:

They are important to me because I find them to be very good and they work!


Jenny said:

Just discovered Nourish through a work project, would love to give the product a try!


Angeli said:

It’s important to use safe products for the body and to source them with minimal impact to people and environment.


Courtney said:

I’m loving the facial cream cleanser, serum, and moisturizer. Would love to try these too!!!


Dana said:

Just recently found your product in Whole Foods and came online to see your entire offerings. Can’t wait to try your stuff!

Tracy Smith

Tracy Smith said:

I love using products that are very limited in ingredients, and that are very good for your skin.

Margaret Primos

Margaret Primos said:

Because I don’t want to put chemical junk on my skin!

Mattea Orr

Mattea Orr said:

I love these products! Would love to try this one too :)


Catherine said:

I love the pure natural ingredients that are in all your products. Plus they smell wonderful!


kat said:

i love you, nourish organic!!! <3


Courtney said:

They are important to me because I like knowing my products are made with integrity.


Rachel said:

Love your products!

Lynn E.

Lynn E. said:

I would love to try your products! I am trying to use more organic skincare products to stay away from chemicals and things that may cause cancer. I just believe organic is better for you.


Jaqleen said:

Great natural and gentle products.


Kelly said:

Organic products are all my family uses. From food to healthcare. Organic is very important to my family, as we want to stay healthy, and too many chemicals that are not understood are used in both food and personal care items. Free Trade is important to us because we feel that farmers deserve someone looking out for them and their interests. I love the mission of Fair Trade and we support it whenever it is available.


Mimi said:

The Argan Oil Face Serum truly works wonders!

cathy o

cathy o said:

The chemicals in beauty products these days just kill our skin. I happen to have Rosacea and call tell almost immediately when I use non organic products. My rash goes crazy!

rachel jenkins

rachel jenkins said:

because i have heard fabulous things about your products.


Nancy said:

I would love to try these…it’s hard to find ‘good for you’ products in my area.

Dauvy Ngy

Dauvy Ngy said:

its important because I don’t only care about what goes in my body but ON my body. I want my skin to stay at its healthiest which is why I use organic. I choose fair trade because everyone deserves equal compensation for their work.


Gina said:

I love all of the products I’ve tried. It’s very important to me that the products I use be organic and fair trade.


CindieU said:

I’m a fan of Nourish Organic products.

Lydia Claire

Lydia Claire said:

For the planet and the workers to get fair living wages.

Beth Litton

Beth Litton said:

I’m loving these products, more so that they are certified organic! :)


amberZon said:

I seek out fair trade items over others. I really appreciate Nourish Organics product line and would love to try this shea butter.

 Naida Enriquez

Naida Enriquez said:

I use your products daily!


Nlm8 said:

Sounds like a great product for dry winter skin!

Jen Eshenbaugh

Jen Eshenbaugh said:

I would love to try this

Devon Hernandez

Devon Hernandez said:

Fair trade and organic are important to me because I nourish myself while “nourishing” (financially and health-wise) the people growing or harvesting these ingredients who make a fair wage and aren’t harmed by chemicals or dangerous methods.


Jacqueline said:

Organic and fair trade products are important to me because nourishing your skin is just as important as nourishing your body. Making sure you use safe ORGANIC products can be a life saver for those of us who care about our bodies.


Holly said:

I’m not entirely sure why. Just somewhere along the way I realized I could be a better person. Things like fair trade and cruelty free became really important to me. It wasn’t overnight, it was small and slow but it had a huge impact.


Judy said:

It’s important to me that they are fair trade and organic. Would love to win!!

Kathleen Decker

Kathleen Decker said:

Sounds like a great product. Will try it.

Denise Rivera

Denise Rivera said:

you’re products are amazing!


April said:

So eager to have this for my dry fall/winter skin! <3


lizzette said:

nourishing butter

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