Happy Fair Trade Month from Nourish Organic


National Fair Trade Month is an annual event each October that celebrates and raises awareness for Fair Trade practices. Fair Trade has many moving parts that span the globe, from the coffee we drink to the clothes we wear. Fair Trade Month is spearheaded by Fair Trade USA, the non-profit organization that is responsible for certifying Fair Trade products in the United States.

Why Shop Fair Trade?
There are countless reasons to opt for Fair Trade goods, not only in October, but every time you go shopping. Fair Trade producers must adhere to strict guidelines regarding workplace safety, environmental conservation, water access, food safety and child labor laws. As a result, the goods are better for you, better for the earth and provide a better life for those who produce them.

Nourish Organic and Fair Trade
Nourish Organic supports Fair Trade and its role in producing quality products, protecting the environment and improving lives. True to this pledge, we offer two Fair Trade Certified products: the Organic Fair Trade Shea Butter and Rejuvenating Argan Butter, made with 56% Fair Trade Certified ingredients. Sourced from 100% Ghana-grown Fair Trade Shea Nuts, this is our first Certified Fair Trade product, but certainly won’t be our last. Find out more about our Fair Trade Shea Butter here.
P.S: In October, we're giving away 10 containers of our Fair Trade Shea Butter -  enter here!

What Can I Do?
Every Purchase Matters. Some of the most common Fair Trade goods include coffee, chocolate and sugar, but they range from apparel & home goods to seafood and wine. Even by just dedicating a small monthly percentage of your total purchases to Fair Trade goods, you can make a difference in the lives of millions, support the environment and enjoy a better quality of product every day. Shop Fair Trade Often!


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Stephanie said:

I buy fair trade where ever I can because it MATTERS.


Vicki said:

We are really trying to bring more Fair Trade into our small community-I’m all for

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