Hello Fall, Goodbye Dry Skin

Guest-blogger: Kate of Seventh & Style

I’ll be perfectly honest – the thought of adhering to the mantra of “No steaming hot showers!” while the temperature feels akin to something you’d find in the Arctic Circle has about, well, zero appeal to me. 
My idea of heaven on a cold, dreary morning is standing underneath a waterfall coming out on full blast until the bathroom feels like an Amazonian jungle.

Naturally, this does not bode well for soft, smooth, silky skin.

What it does promise is dryness, itchiness, and razor burn. Basically, all of the unsexy attributes that you do not want you skin to start embracing.


In order to counter my bad habit, finding a good moisturizer is key. Now, when I say, “good,” I don’t mean some ho-hum lotion that smells like a donut, looks pretty in the packaging, and will maybe, possibly, get me through my morning routine.
What I’m talking about is something that will basically counter my hot-showering habits. In other words, let me continue behaving badly, moisturizer! You do my dirty work!

Now, here’s where I get really picky. I want my moisturizer to moisturize, yes, but I’d also like it to be a multi-tasker. So, for me, my Holy Grail product:

  1. Is affordable
  2. Keeps me hydrated ALL. DAY. In other words, it doesn’t quit doing its job before happy hour
  3. Is organic and not tested on animals
  4. Anti-aging is always nice, too!

Not too much to ask, right?

But seriously – this is not easy to find! Besides the fact that most of the products out there contain chemicals that I can barely even pronounce, yet alone look appealing to put on my skin. Para-what? Dimethico-who? Maybe they tested well in a lab somewhere, but I’d rather rely on Mother Nature for answering my skin care needs. “Garbage in, garbage out” as my granny loved to say.

So, in preparation for those cold, hot-cocoa demanding days and nights that are soon upon us, here are a couple of tips that have worked wonders for me:

  1. Okay, I suppose warm water in the shower/bath is best. I know, I know. We can work on this together.
  2. When you shave, try using short strokes. I’ve found this works wonders for keeping razor burn at bay.
  3. Moisturize your skin within three minutes of stepping out of the shower and/or bath. My go-to has been the Promise Collection Milk & Honey Intensely Moisturizing Body Butter. It’s suuuuper velvety and just melts into my skin. I literally go from top to bottom, paying close attention to my problem areas – elbows, bikini area, calves, knees, and hands.
  4. Don’t forget your feet! It’s so easy to, but think about it – most of the day, they’re shoved into a fashionable yet uncomfortable stiletto or tight boot all day. All of that rubbing can be really irritating and drying.
  5. Wear gloves – your digits are covered in some of the thinnest skin of your body. They’re usually amongst the first to go thirsty.

And finally,

  1. Make someone else shovel the sidewalk. (I might be kidding here. Maybe not, though…)

See you at the beach!


Kate – aka - Seventh & Style

Online: seventhandstyle.wordpress.com
Instagram: @seventhandstyle

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