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November is unofficially "Argan Month" here at Nourish Organic. Not only are we extending an offer of 15% off any Argan Oil Collection products, but the Replenishing Argan Oil Balm is our product giveaway of the month!

Replenishing Argan Oil Balm is a multi-purpose formula that softens and nourishes skin. Made from sweet orange, palmarosa, and Moroccan argan oil packed with omega fatty acids that hydrate and replenish. A non-irritating balm that is safe for face and body use, and won't clog pores. Enter below! 


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kat said:

To beat the cold weather, I amp up my workouts and wear oodles of scarves <3


Jennifer said:

I beat the cold winter air by protecting my skin and lips from exposure to the elements, and keeping them moisturized.

teena sierson

teena sierson said:

bundle up

Liz M

Liz M said:

Tea and a great moisturizer help me through the cold months.


Natalie said:

I love your products! Thanks for the opportunity!!!

Lori Lopez

Lori Lopez said:

Turning the heat on and making hot cocoa


Lauren said:

Dress really really warm! :)


April said:

I beat the winter cold by snuggling in comfy blankets with my children and husband for an evening in & using a warm mist humidifier.

Jen P

Jen P said:

I LOVE NOURISH ORGANIC products!! SO happy I found you :)

Jen P

Jen P said:

Argon oil on my skin and drinking warm green tea are perfect for beating the cold :)

stacy s

stacy s said:

Lots of water and lip balm.


Esther said:

I drink a hot toddy before bed to be the cold!


Carrie said:

Nice body oil after the shower. Moisturize your feet well and then sleep in socks. Keeps you toasty and gives you soft skin!

Aimee LeMasters

Aimee LeMasters said:

I beat the cold winter air keeping well hydrated and by having dance parties with my little girls in the living room :)

Erin @ The Grass Skirt

Erin @ The Grass Skirt said:

I bundle up, drinks loads of water, and moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!

The Grass Skirt

Lynn E.

Lynn E. said:

I beat the cold winter air by making sure I moisturize, wear many layers, enjoy a mug of hot tea and cuddle on the couch by the fire!

Terri Cole

Terri Cole said:

Coconut oil and shea butter are my best friends in the winter!



My Thieves Oil, hot tea, warm clothes and lots of hand washing :)

Sue Pompetti

Sue Pompetti said:

Hydration, hydration, moisturization, moisturization!


Jodi said:

lots of layers and cups of warm tea/coffee



Not too much cold weather here in sunny Florida, but lack of humidity requires drinking plenty of water, Shea Butter, & coconut oil. My rosey cheeks love Argan Pomegranate face cream & Apricot rosehip Serum.

Ryan Louise

Ryan Louise said:

I beat the cold weather by always making sure I am drinking plenty of water, well moisturized, and I wear layered scarfs!


Melanie said:

Scarves and coffee!

Dez rosa

Dez rosa said:

I beat the cold cold winter air by staying hydrated and drinking tea

Kimberly Negron

Kimberly Negron said:

I get dry skin in the winter so I use a bunch of hand cream & lip balms to protect from the winter air

Dorene Ramirez

Dorene Ramirez said:

Hydration, moisturize often, keep Chapstick with you everywhere and a humidifier. Plus tea to snuggle up with while watching movies.

Kimberly Nieto

Kimberly Nieto said:

I beat the cold weather by lathering myself in coconut oil and jumping into the fuzziest socks!


Tatiana said:

Would love to give this a try!


Tanya said:

I like to put on some comfy sweats, curl up in my fuzzy blanket with my heating pad, and stay in bed watching my dramas

Jamie Bauer

Jamie Bauer said:

I beat the cold weather by cuddling with my kiddies and my man!!

Rachel Byrne

Rachel Byrne said:

Honestly, I love the cold! To stay comfy and hydrated I dress in layers, drink plenty of water in addition to nice hot drinks, and use a heavier skin cream.


sue said:

Thrive in cold weather by staying hydrated with warm lemon and herbal teas, moisturizing post shower with Argan oil and Shea butter, and staying active.

Sabrina C

Sabrina C said:

Layers is the only way to beat it.

Courtney Biggs

Courtney Biggs said:

Bundle up with some lovely hot cocoa, tea, or coffee, do an avocodo and honey facial mask, and watch Netflix with a fire going :)


M said:



Kim said:

I moisturize with organic sweet almond oil, face to toes!

Maryann D.

Maryann D. said:

I wear a lot of layers of clothing and use body butter for dry skin.

ellen schull

ellen schull said:

I would like an answer to this. I am fighting dry skin and it isn’t even winter.

ashley cabell

ashley cabell said:

I keep my skin hydrated with lotion right before bed.

renee chapman

renee chapman said:

lots of tea!


Laurie said:

Use a humidifier in the house and moisturize as much as possible.

Kelli Schulenberg

Kelli Schulenberg said:

Jojoba oil works great for my dry skin in the wicked Wyoming Winter cold.


Rochelle said:

Bundle up like crazy! Although enjoying the winter from indoors is rather delightful too!


B said:

A good coat plus gloves, scarf, hat and thick socks are great for combating cold weather.


Angela said:

Warm winter weekend baths with sea salt and citrus essential oils!

sarah w

sarah w said:

I use a humidifier and try to drink plenty of water.


Adeola said:

Wearing plenty of layers and applying lotion to parts of my body that are exposed to the cold (e.g. my hands) are two ways that I try to beat the cold.


Kelly said:

By drinking hot cocoa! There’s nothing better :)


C. said:

You can beat the cold winter air by wearing warm layers and dabbing a bit of facial oil on before you leave the house!


jtm said:

Glad i received a sample of your eye cream, only one i ever used that did not burn my eyes, and your hand cream is lovely as well, found that first.

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