Enter to Win 1 of 10 Organic Fair Trade Shea Butters


Congratulations to our 3 September winners who each received a Basic Essentials Face & Body Set. Nourish Organic Fair Trade Certified Shea Butter

To see the list of winners, visit the previous contest page. All winners have been notified by email. 


In honor of October as Fair Trade Month, we're giving away 10 Organic Fair Trade Certified Shea Butters.

Clinically proven to improve skin elasticity, this rich butter absorbs quickly, heals irritated skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines, scars and stretch marks. Can be used all over the body, including elbows, knees, feet, hands, lips, face and hair.


Use the giveaway application below to enter. The more you participate, the more chances you have to win!

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sher said:

definitely chocolate…


Doris said:

Shea butter itself is a favorite


Betsy said:

I love fair trade coffee and vanilla.

Susan T.

Susan T. said:

I try to buy both fair trade chocolate and coffee along with spices, beauty products and tea.

Celena Marie

Celena Marie said:

I really don’t know enough about Fair Trade products to have a favorite but I’d love to see a blog post or something that’s just a nice, simple run-down of fair trade companies! The research is a bit daunting when you don’t know where to begin. :/


Lauralyn said:

I love when I can choose Fair Trade products. I look forward to trying your lovely products in the near future. I enjoy Theo & Alter Eco’s chocolates, lots of organic teas, Numi, Art of Tea, etc. And fair trade coffee too.

Anna said:

I love coffee, chocolate and the argan butter from Nourish Organic! Its is honestly the best argan butter I gave ever used! I cannot live with out coffee or chocolate so why not have it be fair trade!


Juliana said:

My fave chocolate is Trader Joes fair trade chocolate. I usually mix it with yogurt


Rosie said:

I love fair trade chocolate I try different brands from whole foods and look them up on the internet

Emily N.

Emily N. said:

I like Equal Exchange chocolate.


Laura said:

fair trade chocolate!


Lidiya said:

I have always used body lotions for hydrating my skin. Interested in trying Shea butter. Would be perfect for my dry elbows. I have just discovered Nourish Organic in Whole Foods and been using facial products so far: ARGAN FACE SERUM and EYE CREAM. And I loved it.

Jessica Schilling

Jessica Schilling said:

I love your other argan oil products, but haven’t had the chance to try this one yet. It’s so nice to be able to find high-quality, deliciously luxurious, but also reasonably-priced skin care that is also fair trade!


Cindy said:

Thanks for letting me know about the fair trade blog! Anything I can do to help is always appreciated. I love Nourish ever since you were featured on Q.

Kay nix

Kay nix said:

I love Shea Butter and I am increasingly becoming more of a devotee of things organic. This is the best of both.


Kelly said:

My favorite fair trade products are honey and coffee!


Annette said:

My favorite product is Near East Quinoa.


Jessica said:

My favorite fair trade products are coffee and clothes made with fair trade cotton!

melissa mc

melissa mc said:

spices and chocolate and my fave fair trade products — ty for the chance :)

Scott Poston

Scott Poston said:

We love Equal Exchange cocoa- the only kind we buy.

Amber Flowers

Amber Flowers said:

I personally adore Fair Trade chocolate such as AlterEco. Of course Fair Trade coffee and beauty products also rock! :)

Adrian R

Adrian R said:

Coffee and chocolate!


Kelli said:

Chocolate all the way!

Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard

Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard said:

we love fair trade coffee and clothing :)


tara said:

Always fair trade products skin care, chocolate, coffee, tea and clothes


Violet said:



Candace said:

My favorite fair trade products are chocolate, coffee shea butter and any other food and beauty products that are fair trade. Trader Joes is a great place to find my favorite items

Maryann D.

Maryann D. said:

My favorite fair trade products would be chocolate and coffee. We try to purchase them whenever we can.

Rachel Byrne

Rachel Byrne said:

I’m enjoying a terrific cup of fair trade, shade-grown coffee from Kicking Horse Coffee right now! I also buy fair trade tea and chocolate.

Candace B.

Candace B. said:

I love fair trade coffee, body products and of course chocolate :) Thanks for the chance in your giveaway. It would be awesome to win

Judy Cawley

Judy Cawley said:

Fair Trade Chocolate

Mindy Drummond

Mindy Drummond said:

I am a huge supporter of Fair Trade companies and products. I love the products from Nourish Organic, as well as the Teas from The Republic of Tea, and the chocolates from Alter Eco are to die for! :)


Christine said:

I love fair trade dark chocolate and honey!


DONNA said:

I love anything with Lavender, green tea or Ginger in it. Dark Chocolate is great also!! Must be fair trade and organic.


LenaB said:

I love organic products like yours for my face and body. Not many stores nearby carry, but I’ll continue looking for them.

Laura Holland

Laura Holland said:

chocolate for sure!


Lenny said:

My favorite product is the Nourish body butters! I’m 30 weeks pregnant and have been using them since my second trimester… No stretch marks yet! My tummy always feels so smooth and moisturized. It absorbs quickly and none of the scents are too strong or offensive! Great product!


Dori said:

Love this company :)

Vicki Bolen

Vicki Bolen said:

To be honest I’m not that knowledgable when it comes to fair trade products but your fair trade products have piqued my interest, so I will read more about fair trade !

Colleen Brady

Colleen Brady said:

Love Nourish!


amber said:

Coffee :) and bath/body/beauty products!

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