This Frost, Keep Your Face Soft

Face off against your dry, flaky and itchy skin this winter. Here are our top tips to silken your face’s skin this season.

  1. Hydrate and replenish your skin with our Pure Hydrating Organic Argan Face Serum. Its Moroccan Argan Oil is loaded with restorative omega fatty acids, which deeply hydrate and replenish. The serum also has apricot kernel oil, which moisturizes and softens skin while helping preserve clarity, and rosehip oil, which smoothes skin texture and helps even out tone.

  2. Use a humidifier. A humidifier adds moisture in the air when it’s extremely dry outside. Neal Schultz, a Manhattan dermatologist, said in an article for YouBeauty, “You need to supplement [moisture] because when it gets dry enough, the moisture on our skin evaporates into the air. This is particularly important in the winter. Any way you can add humidity to the air in an environment in which you spend a lot of time is going to be helpful.”

  3. Shield your face from the wind and freezing temperatures with a knit scarf. Avoid staying outdoors for long periods of time, if possible.

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