Nourish Collections

Nourish Collections


We’re pure right down to our scents.

Artificial ingredients and fragrances aren’t an option when you’re USDA-certified organic and are committed to being completely natural. Nourish products are scented only with pure essential oils and extracts, and are also cruelty-free, gluten-free, and mostly vegan.

Facial Collection

Put your best face forward with the facial collection, which includes the Facial Cleansing System. The seven-piece collection deeply moisturizes and protects, leaving your skin brighter, healthier, and younger looking.

Aromatherapeutic Collection

A modern take on essential oils, each treatment works to enhance your skin, revitalize your senses and mood.

Argan Collection

The intensely hydrating Argan Oil collection replenishes, smooths, soothes, and evens out skin – face and body. The collection includes Argan Oil Balm, Organic Argan Oil, and Rejuvenating Argan Butter.

Almond Vanilla

Organic vanilla and almond give this fragrance its sweet character, while notes of organic caramel, cherry and pistachio add a delicious warmth.

Fresh Fig

Organic fig and apricot mingle with notes of organic citrus, apple and currant for an enchanting fragrance that’s at once warm and refreshing.

Lavender Mint

Relaxing organic lavender meets refreshing organic mint for a yin-yang effect that soothes the body and soul. Notes of bergamot, lemon and orange brighten, while rosemary and spearmint invigorate.

Pure Unscented

For those with especially sensitive skin, or who simply prefer their body care scent-free, our unscented collection is fresh, clean and pure.

Lemon Thyme

Notes of organic lemon brighten an herbaceous blend of thyme, rosemary, sage, clary sage and basil, while spearmint and peppermint bring freshness to this sparkling fragrance.

Tropical Coconut

Bright and balanced, the sweet coconut scent is enhanced by hints of island citrus, making this beautiful tropical fragrance irresistible.