Nourish Organic Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you source your ingredients?
Our certified organic ingredients are sourced through suppliers who manage the supply chain between growers and contract laboratories, following the standards set for organic by the various certifying agencies.  Organically certified botanical ingredients, plant oils, extracts, and herbs are controlled from the farm to the final inclusion in our products by the organic rules.

Why are only some of your products Fair Trade Certified?

We consistently monitor the supply chain and move toward Fair Trade Certified ingredients where possible and practical.

Are all Nourish products Cruelty-Free?
Every Nourish product is certified cruelty free by Leaping Bunny – the only internationally recognized certification organization for cruelty free brands. Leaping Bunny is considered the gold standard for cruelty free certification and indicates no animal testing at any stage of product development. As a company, an important part of our health and safety mission is to protect the lives and welfare of animals.
Nourish Organic Chief Cruelty Free Officer – Mochi the Bunny (yes, he's real!)

Are all Nourish Organic products Gluten-Free?
Under USDA and NSF certification, a manufacturer MUST comply with the FDA’s gluten-free labeling rules and definitions required for any and all 3rd Party Certifications. Therefore, all of our products labeled gluten-free abide by all FDA standards and definitions of gluten-free.

Why do some of your products contain alcohol?
We use a naturally derived food-grade alcohol from organically grown wheat that is fermented and distilled, and gluten-free. It also serves as a natural emulsifier, preservative and carrier—helping to allow ingredients to absorb more effectively into the skin.  A formula is created in order to balance various ingredients to provide the intended result, and the use of SD alcohol is part of this formulation strategy.

Why do some of your products contain Potassium Hydroxide?
Potassium hydroxide is an important part of the process we use in our natural non-sulfate cleansers called saponification. Once the reaction occurs, no potassium hydroxide remains in the finished product. We list it in our ingredients, however, for transparency and to keep consumers informed of its use in producing our skin-friendly cleansers.  Soap making involves the transformation of fats into soap through the intermediary of Potassium Hydroxide.

Is your Shea Butter refined or unrefined? 
Because our source is both Certified Organic and Fair Trade, our shea butter is purchased raw, or unrefined. The shea butter is purified through clay to remove any impurities. Because of this process our shea is considered naturally refined which delivers a truly full-benefit to skin and hair.

How long is the shelf life on my products, and can they change color?
Our Nourish Organic products have an unopened shelf life of 24 to 36 months and are most effective for 12 months after opening.   Please note that prolonged exposure to high temperatures, humidity and exposure to sunlight or air may adversely impact any formulation.

All Nourish products are free of artificial colors, so the appearance of the products may vary by batch or even change over time. Rest assured, this does not affect the integrity of the product and remains completely safe for your skin.

What are the ingredients present in “organic fragrance”?
Our organic natural fragrances are extracted from Certified Organic Essential Oils derived from plants that are grown in accordance with the USDA National Organic Program or the NSF Organic standard. The extracts are then blended to create the light, natural scents that we offer. They are Certified Organic, and contain no synthetic ingredients.

Which of your products are vegan?
The vast majority of our products are vegan except the very few products that contain organic and sustainable beeswax or yogurt.

Do any of your products contain palm oil or rosewood oil?
We feel very strongly about protecting the environment from the deforestation of the fragile rainforest. We therefore do not use palm oil or rosewood oil in any of our products, nor do we use any derivatives of these ingredients.

Under current law, manufacturers are not required to disclose any chemical modifications to botanically derived ingredients or to disclose details on traceability. Thankfully, this is not the case with Certified Organic ingredients and products. USDA/NSF/NOP organic regulations require manufacturers of organic products to comply with an audit trail of the ingredient, in addition to the verification of the organic supplier.

Where do you source your argan oil?
The Nourish Organic Certified USDA Organic argan oil used in many of our products is ethically sourced and extracted from Morocco’s southwest Argan region. The all-female co-operative where we obtain our argan oil boasts high production standards, and employs and supports the local community. The co-operative also contributes to research and reforestation activities in the region and holds a NORMACERT certification, which guarantees that the Argan Oil we purchase is sourced from the Argan growing region and is produced according to the Moroccan Department of Agricultural Standards.

Do your products work for all skin types?
Our products are formulated to work with all skin types, but different product combinations may be required to see the full benefit.

Are Nourish products suitable for sensitive skin?
Our products are made with food-grade certified organic ingredients, and generally sensitive skin responds very well to our products.

I just received my product today, and it appears to have melted and/or separated? What should I do?
When the weather is warm, some Nourish products may show signs of separation or melting, particularly since the USDA and NSF only allow for all natural/non-GMO emulsifiers (additives that help two liquids mix together). Please note that this does not affect the product's efficacy or performance. Simply shake its contents and let it sit at room temperature or place it into the refrigerator until it returns to its original consistency.

Why do my products sometimes vary in color or scent?
When using USDA organic ingredients, there can sometimes be a variance and non-uniformity of the color of the product. Although there are very strict growing guidelines with organic farming, color as well as scent variations may be the direct result of weather conditions, in addition to the time of the season when ingredients are harvested. Although the color and or/aroma in some products may vary, please be assured that the performance of the product is not altered in any way. In addition, we never use any artificial colorants to alter the natural color, nor synthetic fragrances to alter the natural characteristics of our products.

I'm pregnant and/or breastfeeding. Can I use your products?
We always recommend that you consult with your healthcare provider to get the most comprehensive safety information about any skincare product(s) you wish to use.  In general, we do not use ingredients that should cause concern for pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Do you use sustainable packaging?
Nourish uses only eco-friendly materials for packaging and shipping, including fully recyclable plastic and cardboard. Our plastic components are presently in the #1, #2, #4 and #5 categories and are accepted at recycling centers. Each part of our products can be easily separated so that they can be recycled properly.

Is the plastic you use for packaging BPA-Free?
We do not use bisphenol A in our bottles; our bottles are MDPE/HDPE - Medium or High-Density Polyethylene. PVC and PS bottles have been linked to having the potential for leaching bisphenol A into the product they hold. We do not use either of those components. We are a green company and do extensive research on our raw materials and components so that we only use the very best and safest materials for your body.

Do you work with any charitable organizations?
Lotus Brands and its founders has a long history of providing support to charitable organizations, including Auroville International USA, Clean the World, and many local charitable organizations, including women’s shelters and safe houses.  Nourish Organic is pleased to now be a part of the Lotus Brands umbrella, and thereby to participate in the charitable activities noted above.

Do you offer an Affiliate Program?
We are currently creating an affiliate program for the future. To be considered, please email your information to