What Clean Really Means

There's certainly an overload of claims and misinformation on personal care product packaging and marketing, especially when it comes to defining *clean*. Clean beauty on its own is an ambiguous word. And because it is not regulated, anything can be called *clean*— whether proven unsafe or not—without any accountability. Basically, with the lack of a legal definition, a cosmetic company can write anything they want on a label or package, because no one is looking over their shoulder. Products formulated to meet the specifications of third party standards, such as USDA NOP or NSF Organic standards,  is the best way to ensure your product’s naturally derived ingredients have been minimally processed to retain bioactivity and still closely resemble the original plant.

Clean beauty should go beyond a marketing claim. It should be synonymous with clean agriculture, soil, ingredient harvesting, and manufacturing practices. At Nourish Organic®, we recognize that every element in the process of creating a product has an impact. All Nourish Organic® products are formulated according to the specifications set by USDA NOP or NSF Organic—heightening our safe, sustainable and transparent formulation philosophy and practices.

This is Clean Skincare, the Way Nature Intended.

Organic is Powerful.

It guarantees clean and safe ingredients. The third party organic specifications not only address the organic content of the products, but also limit the use of various types of chemicals that are otherwise widely used in personal care products.

Organic standards offer the peace of mind of knowing that the ingredients are grown without toxic pesticides, chemical fertilizers, or GMOs. They also hold manufacturers accountable by verifying that what's *on* the label matches what's actually *in* the product, and it makes it easy for you to decode the ingredient list and ensure safety and trust in the way our Nourish Organic® products are grown, processed and formulated.

This means that every part of the supply chain has adhered to a standard. From the seed, the soil on the farm, to the rigorous audits and testing of each ingredient. The result: you’re putting clean, food-grade products on your skin, feeding your skin with nourishing super-food ingredients to balance the microbiome without any harsh or harmful chemicals.

Organic Standards tell you what’s not in our skincare, so we can concentrate on what is in it.

What goes on your skin ultimately gets absorbed into your skin. That's why we believe that you shouldn't put anything harmful on it. We are proud to have been the first company in the U.S. to develop USDA certified organic beauty products that are made with nutrient-rich fruits, vegetables, and plant extracts. Nourish Organic® offers you pure, certified organic ingredients, which meet the specifications and standards set by USDA NOP program or the NSF Organic program. Pure and simple.

Bioactive ingredients that deliver real results and protect your skin barrier—important for keeping out bad bacteria and keeping in the good.

Because our ingredients support organic agriculture and are sourced from organic farmers, the natural environment is also protected through sustainable, ethical farming practices which don’t damage delicate eco-systems. 

Organic farming also plays a key role in helping to tackle climate change. There are currently some 2,500 billion tons of carbon stored in the world’s soils: more than in plants, trees and the atmosphere combined. And organic soils are around 25% more effective at storing carbon in the long-term.

Use of organic ingredients ensures no one in, on, or of this fragile planet suffers from what we put on our skin.


Lotus Brands and its founders has a long history of providing support to charitable organizations, including Auroville International USA, Clean the World, and many local charitable organizations, including women’s shelters and safe houses.  Nourish Organic is pleased to now be a part of the Lotus Brands umbrella, and thereby to participate in the charitable activities noted above.