At Nourish Organic®, we aspire to provide simple, affordable and clean skincare products, formulated according to the specifications of the USDA Organic Program or the NSF Organic Standard,  with safe and effective phytonutrient ingredients for optimum skin health and wellness.

We believe in exceeding all expectations without being premium priced because you should not have to compromise your personal health and safety, or the health of the environment.

We strive to be conscious and compassionate in our choices and decisions.

We believe in sustainable beauty – the focus on the long-term environmental, ethical, and social use of our natural resources in formulating and making our products. Products that are safe for you, safe for the environment, and safe for the planet we live on. 

We believe that our Ingredients should be food for your skin vs. cosmetics for your skin.

We’re a company majority owned by women, and key supervisory and management positions are held by women. Our focus is always to change the game for girls and women and improve their path to leadership and equality supporting initiatives that focus on elevating women in the workforce.

Lotus Brands and its founders has a long history of providing support to charitable organizations, including Auroville International USA, Clean the World, and many local charitable organizations, including women’s shelters and safe houses.  Nourish Organic is pleased to now be a part of the Lotus Brands umbrella, and thereby to participate in the charitable activities noted above.

We believe in living a healthy, nourished life.